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Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa

KUKAHOME with Carnival Night on November 11th Tmall 2018

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Date / Dec.17.2018 Click : 1025

The Only in homes world | Carnival Night on November 11th Tmall 2018 for Overall Sales Champion and Super Dark Technology, just want to share with you the "Favor by 10 Million"!

Last night, KUKA HOME [10 Million Units of KUKA Sofa, You Witness] and the 2nd User Conference were held in Hangzhou C-Box Convention and Exhibition Center. Series shows such as the first 3D mapping cool projection of homes industry, warm interpretation of sofa stories of “Reader” and the birth of the 10th million units of KUKA sofa……as well as other wonderful performances were displayed on the conference, and received attractions by the guests at the site, even the number of live online viewers has soared to 50 million+ viewers.

What? The first 3D mapping sofa show in home industry!

Yes, you've heard right!

It is the legendary cool black technology 3D mapping!,

This fantastic black science and technology, I have to show to you first.

Don't hesitate to take a look!

The cool black technology, as if each of us had turned into a sofa at the beginning, traveled back by taking a time machine to the 1980s, 1990s, and the 1990s, and then back to the 2010s, witness the changes of China's 40 years of reform and opening, and realized that “The time cannot block the accompaniment and warm the sofa bring us”!

When the sales of KUKA HOME sofa exceeds 10 million units, we just want to pass on the happiness of Ten Million Units of Sofa favored by millions of Chinese families.

Since 1982, KUKA HOME has gone through 36 years and witnessed the changes of Chinese family culture. It believes that when you walk through the living room of the era, you will have a full sense of memory and favored feeling when you constantly take pictures.

Actually, the bigger favor is still behind us! In this release, President Li Donglai and general manager Mr. Lin Wenwei of Ali Mom's Global Media Business Center china region, jointly launched the ceremony for the overall sales champion ceremony "Carnival Night on November 11th Tmall 2018".

The event of co-celebrating Tmall Carnival Night is a super global IP, also it is another sign of favored users of KUKA, is that KUKA is constantly changing itself to infinite access to user needs.

As Vice President Liu Hong said, "If there is IKEA in the world, then there is KUKA in China. We always hope provide users with better product design and service, we should not betray your trust! Because as our sales of KUKA HOME sofa exceed 10 million units, all performances we have achieved can’t be separated from the support of users. KUKA will keep the steps of hard work and innovation to provide users, all over China and all over the world, to enjoy KUKA’s life style and make KUKA become the happiest backrest.

Selling 10 million units of sofa is the honor of KUKA today, more, the beginning of the next 10 million units!

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