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Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa

KUKAHOME takes hands with Yoga Lin to look for the best home in the world

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Date / Apr.08.2018 Click : 792


On April 7, 2018, the Super Brand Day Conference of KUKA Homes & Tmall was officially opened in Hangzhou. At the event site, KUKA Homes, Tmall high level, and numerous medial reporters witnessed the new term of starting KUKA Homes' Super Brand Day, Yoga Lin, a powerful singer in the music field, appeared the event site to cheer and discussed Chinese home lifestyle. What is 'Looking for the Best Home in the World?" KUKA Homes gave the answer to the conference.

KUKA Homes advocating the concept of "Care for Family, and Love Family" is the key reason for promoting this super brand day cooperation. As the sweet guy of KUKA Homes, Yoga Lin usually likes to buy furniture and ornaments to construct his desired living space. KUKAHOME rich products meet the demands of color, appearance, and functions. This time, Yoga Lin also likes them. He and KUKAHOME went deep into everywhere of Taiwan, Taking an "Amazing KUKAHOME Trip", and experiencing that "Because we care about our home and love our home, we can truly have a home". He called for his fans to stay family after work, and construct "The Best Home" in mind with KUKAHOME.


The vice president of KUKAHOME Liu Hong said, whether it is Taipei with humanism, picturesque Shangri-la or passionate and romantic Lisbon, from the trip of KUKAHOME and Yoga Lin, we feel that the pursuit of peoples of all over the world for home can be summarized as —— "Outstanding Brand and Ideal Life". Since the establishment, KUKAHOME has been engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of furniture for living, dining, and living to provide healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly furniture for that purpose. KUKAHOME products have been sold in more than 120 countries and regions, providing quality products and service for global families, through which, each product and service updating of KUKAHOME products is from the deeply exploring the consumers' demands.

"To know what is the best beautiful home in consumers' minds comes from the observation of the daily life of people." Liu Hong said, on this super brand day, at the same time of KUKAHOME providing product and service welfare, it also wanted to give consumers the experience of more vivid and better understanding KUKAHOME branding concept. Going global, to "Look for the best home in the world" with KUKAHOME, and explore get more family love stories through shots, allowing consumers further to understand the intention of "Care about home and love home", and transfer this concept with the style of more warm and experiencing to more people. In the exploring trip, KUKAHOME also cooperates with channels like Vibrato etc. to communicate with consumers with views, languages and living styles of the 80s and 90s generations that is closer to consumers in communication channels.

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