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World Market Center #B-770 / #A-725
World Market Center #B-770 / #A-725
The 24th China International Furniture Expo
The 24th China International Furniture Expo
Congratulations to France national football team!
Congratulations to France national football team!
Congratulations to France national football team!

KUKA Fabrics Opens A New Chapter Of Homes

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Date / Jun.27.2018 Click : 204

KUKA Homes fabrics category has been in the first line of Chinese fabric upholstered brands This time, KUKA Homes jointed hand the international supermodel He Sui, aims at pushing fabric products into leading brands and realize brand consumption propositions centering on the core of "fashion-orientation and rejuvenation".

From the product to space, leads the new development of the industry in all around.

At the release, the general manager of KUKA Homes fabric product division Mr. Xu Gang made an analysis and introduction to the overall environment of household and the development of fabrics in details. As a household industry, especially the integration of the fabrics category is coming, and the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, the acceptance of fabric furniture becomes higher. Throughout the domestic fabrics industry development, a new "reflection point" is coming. Also, KUKA Homes released the new three-year development strategy: "Strategy 2020": By 2020, KUKA will have more than 2,000 stores in China and an annual sales volume will be over 2 billion, becoming the leading brand of Chinese soft fabric products.

At the interaction of the ceremony, the chief editor of Tencent Homes Mr. Zhang Yongzhi and the chief editor of Sina Homes Mr. Dai Beiji gave a great recognition based on this fashionable brand development trend. The annual sales volume of Chinese fabric upholstered is more than 100 million Yuan, but the brands are extremely dispersed. At present, there has not been such as brand and enterprise with a billion scales. On the growing demand of consumers, KUKA Homes' new three-year fabrics category development strategy (2020) plays the guiding role in the industry, which will be China fabric upholstered industry a positive signal of transformational change.

Initiates "fashion officer" concept in the industry, to assist the grading of the brand in fashion-orientation and rejuvenation.

At the event site, KUKA Homes officially signing He Sui as the "Chief Fashion Officer" becomes the first brand of "Fashion Officer" in the industry. According to the vice general manager Mr. Liu Hong introduction, the definition of "fashion office" is different from the brand spokesperson, the brand spokesperson is just a communicator of a brand concept, while the fashion officer plays the role of “fashion consultant”, a participator and promoter of fabrics category fashion-orientation and rejuvenation.

KUKA Homes inviting He Sui to be the chief fashion officer is based on her years of accumulation accurate fashion judgment. As a top international supermodel, He Sui has always been at the forefront of various international fashion shows and has accessed the world’s top fashion trends. He Sui has a unique aesthetic vision and fashion taste thanks to her experiences in international fashion shows such as Ralph Lauren. And also, He Sui can put the fashion elements she collected from the international fashion weeks and runways into the design and creation of KUKA fabrics category, allowing the fabrics closer to young consumer groups and promote the upgrading of KUKA fabrics category "fashion-orientation and rejuvenation".

This time, the KUKA fabrics category sets the precedent of the industry, leading the industry to see the future development of KUKA fabrics and even the development and trend of the whole fabric upholstered industry. And in the future, KUKA fabrics category will focus on the beauty of fabrics, the beauty of design and the beauty of life, guide the fashion styling trend in Chinese homes industry in a leadership position to a new height.

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