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Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
Best Selling Contemporary Stationary Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa
KUKA HOME Living Room Fabric Sofa

Keep Runing! KUKA HOME!

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Date / Dec.17.2018 Click : 916

Keep Runing! KUKA HOME! TOP100 Dealers Conference Was Kicked Off with A Hundred Special Cars for Design Service, and Over Ten Million Yuan Worthy Awards!

The 4thTOP100 Dealers Conference of KUKA HOME

Structural Growth Casts Advantages

Tamp the Foundation Transformation for New Chapters

Structural Growth Casts Advantages, Tamp the Foundation Transformation for New Chapters

Looking back, we are proud of it

Looking ahead, we are inspired

November 26-28, 2018

The 4thTop100 Dealers Conference of KUKA HOME

Excellent Business Partners

from all over the world were gathered

for seeking the development plan and joint hands for a win-win future

This year, KUKA prepared over ten million worthy grant rewards

for business partners with excellent performances

even more with the original 1116 cars by KUKA care service

additional100cars with total worthy of 30 million Yuan as

Special Cars for Design Service

granted to business partners

to provide One-stop Design Service for users nationwide

The 8th 10K Meters Long Running Event

"Working happily and living healthily"

Since 2010, in every autumn and winter, KUKA has held 10KM long running events along the banks of Qiantang River, the event has also been included in the dealer conferences continuously for many years, integrating the sports spirit of faster, higher and stronger into the cooperation with business partners, improving the team cohesiveness, also roots the enterprise philosophy of working happily and living healthily in hearts.

The hot-blooded 10KM long running event of nearly 1800 people blew up the whole banks of Qiantang River. Happy and wonderful cheering, was absolutely not lose the magnificent Qiantang River tide!

Regarding running, KUKA is serious;
Regarding service, KUKA is of course serious!

Yes, these Volvos labelled with "Serve for Users" are the highlights of today's 10KM Running event, as well as the design service cars carefully prepared for the business partners and users!

100 completely new Volvos for design service

"Provide one-stop design service for users"

KUKA has always been adhering to the original intention of All for Users, devoted to building the industry's first service brand - "Care of KUKA", and hoping to provide users with the best service.

Fromfree sofa cleaning,mattress mite removal, 1116KUKA’s care service carsto "0 Yuan design", all highlight the service criteria that KUKA does what users want and what users need.

As we all know, there will always be a variety of questions about design, size, collocation and so on when people choose furniture. For this reason, we provide 100 design service cars for business partners all over the country, aiming at creating one-stop design service for users, enhancing the interaction with users, their experiences and helping users to get a real effect they imagine!

With the original intention of all for users and providing users with high-quality services and good experiences, this year we have added a special “Design Service Award" to reward business partners with breakthrough achievements in "Design Services" and encourage all business partners to take users as the basis and constantly improve themselves and provide better serve to users.

7 Awards for Excellent Business Partners

"All KUKA people must co-work together and do our efforts for the dream"

In the evening, KUKA carefully prepared a family-type dinner to share the achievements we have achieved with business partners a of this big family all over the country last year, the big family will also work hand in hand to forge ahead and create new brilliance future!

Before the dinner, a large number of excellent business partners were commended at the conference, Mr. Gu Jiangsheng, chairman of KUKA HOME, and Mr. Li Donglai, president of KUKA HOME Co., Ltd. led senior executives to give awards respectively.

1. Award of Design Service (newly added)

2. Award of Continuous Growth

3. Award of Marketing Innovation (newly added)

4. Award of Organizational Competence Progress (newly added)

5. Award of Increasement Contribution

6. Award of Channel Breaking Through

7. Excellent Distributor Award of the Year

By this chance, We here congratulate the above business partners who win the honors. We also hope that, in the future, we will continue to adhere to the utmost attitude of customer-oriented, keep pioneering and innovation, so to promote the continuous growth of sales!

In 2018, with the trust and support of all business partners and tens of millions of users, no matter how complicated the market situation and how difficult the economic environment are, KUKA HOME has always overcome difficulties, kept going on and made remarkable achievements with the spirit of "faster, higher, stronger" and perseverance in sports!

In 2019, let us embrace the original intention of "All for Users", keep perseverance and firm belief, work together with business partners for our dream, and create new brilliance!

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