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Kuka readies redesigned combined showroom

HIGH POINT — Kuka Furniture Inc. is set to unveil its redesigned, expanded showroom in Furniture Plaza this October after combining its stationary upholstery and K-Motion motion arm into a single business unit.

Kuka’s new showroom occupies almost the entire sixth floor of the Furniture Plaza building, as well as all of the National Furniture Mart’s sixth floor. The entrance for the entire showroom is adjacent to the sixth floor Furniture Plaza escalator.

The completely redesigned showroom covers around 65,000-square-feet, 30% larger than the combined former Kuka and K-Motion showrooms. That extra room will make for a better buyer experience at Market, according to Kuka Furniture President Steve Lush.
“We’ve redesigned from the ground up,” Lush said. “Our goal was to create a showroom that’s bright, open and easy to work.”

In addition to flooring 140 room settings for stationary and motion upholstery, the extra space allows Kuka to promote other categories more effectively. That includes tripling the size of its accent chair display and doubling its dining chair presentation.

“We’ve always had separate displays for those, but we’ve put a much bigger emphasis on them,” Lush noted. “Since we have more space, we have an opportunity to give those important categories the exposure they deserve.”

The new showroom also incorporates several private meeting rooms for consultations with buyers, as well as a brand-new merchandising room that will be used for product development.

“We also have an expanded café for lunches and entertaining in the afternoons and evenings,” Lush added. “We’ve always had a good lunch, but it could get a little crowded in the old space.”

Kuka will hold a grand opening event at the showroom on Friday, Oct. 18, 4-6:30 p.m.



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