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KUKAHOME joins hands with C Foundation to build the dream of designing public interest

On the Charity Night of C Foundation, KUKAHOME joined hands with C Foundation to build the dream of designing public interest

The Charity Night & Design Thinking and Value Sharing Forum 2017 held jointly by C Foundation and KUKAHOME was opened in Hangzhou on December 9.

C Foundation is the first spontaneous commonweal foundation in China design industry, which has always been helping the booming of China design. On the third anniversary of C Foundation's establishment, C Foundation and KUKA Homes started the cooperation of holding the continuous 5-year plan of anniversary charity night and design forum taking design, creation, and commonweal as the links. Lead the industry with design, make "Design+" more normal and precise, so as to really help Chinese manufacturing in the wind of the times bigger and stronger. It is the first year of “Century Hand-in-Hand” of C Foundation and KUKAHOME.

Design ideas collision present that, in the era of "Design+", how designers are and how they will, with a kind of multiple and trans-boundary thinking, in another kind of social identity awareness, integrate the knowledge structure of new fields, deposit deeper society responsibility, start from “the small self” toward "the greater self", and return "the inner self".

In the design field, KUKAHOME has been exploring the different viewpoints. As the chairman of KUKAHOME, Mr. Gu Jiangsheng says: "Design comes from life. Any design must be managed with mindful and serve life." Such designs as process and appearance and so on no longer require enterprises' manufacturing port, market port, and even management port to upgrade and transform. Thus another kind of design “enterprise design” is introduced. Mr. Gu Jiangsheng expresses: "I am just a designer who is fulfilling enterprise design".

At the charity night, C Foundation and KUKAHOME has completed such as "Enterprise Strategy design", C Foundation and KUKAHOME jointly declared the five-year cooperation plan, and will launch the strongest "Concentration" in design industry, discuss the design development trend, promote the integration of design industry, education, research and application, import C Foundation's commonweal platform in Hangzhou and make distribution for driving Hangzhou's design strength together.

From "Made in China" to "Created in China", how far we still have to go?

From the official launch of China manufacturing 2025 to the State Council’s approval of Chinese Brand Day, the transformation from manufacturing to creation has never stopped. As we all know, China is a big country for manufacturing household products, which is not worthy of pride. Relying on a large population and output labor is not the design power.

For this reason, the label of large but not strong makes Chinese furniture products design and brand influence look thin. Since the establishment, KUKAHOME has been highly emphasized the design and integrated Chinese creation power into its every competitive product.

At the speech on the night, Mr. Gu Jiangsheng expressed: "In order to change such a stark industry label, and practice the "Original" inner force of Chinese furniture, KUKAHOME has spent a lot of efforts on the design."

With the introduction of C Foundation in Hangzhou, it is really not easy for KUKAHOME to get many talents of design industry together here, however, from the view of profession, co-exploring China design industry's future, co-accumulating the inner driving power of the design industry, it might be the real pleasant surprise by the "meet".


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