• 2017
    The 2nd term of KUKA CONCEPTUAL DESIGN EXHIBITION has been held on June 30, 2017, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Art Museum.


  • 2016
    KUKA Meditation Seat Ware won iF design award.
  • 2016
    KUKA HOME listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully, stock code 603816.


  • 2015
    KUKA launched the world premiere of 3D printing sofa.


  • 2014
    KUKA participated 5 worldwide renowned International furniture fairs more than 1,400 containers confirmed by our lovely clients.


  • 2013
    KUKA Meditation Seat Ware won red dot design award.


  • 2012
    The multi-lingual Jacky Cheung is one of Asia’s most successful stars, and it is because of his family oriented nature that he was selected as spokesperson for KUKA.
  • 2012
    China’s General Administration of Sport authorized KUKA to partner up with the Training Bureau of General Administration of Sport of China, because of this partnership KUKA’s products received several honorary titles including: “Official products used by NSTC”, “Official sofas of the NSTC athletes”, “Official sofa of NSTC athletes who participated in the London Olympics” and so on.


  • 2011
    Sales team expands into Russia, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium etc.
  • 2011
    Franchising stores are opened in Suriname, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Egypt, Kenya, Columbia, etc.


  • 2010
    Opened four self-owned stores in Hong Kong, several franchising stores are also opened in Bulgaria, Singapore, Vietnam, Syria, Mauritius, Guatemala, Ecuador, etc.
  • 2010
    KUKA participates, for the first time, in the High Point IHFC. The showroom is approximately 2000 square meters.


  • 2009
    KUKA establishes sales teams in Canada, Latin America, U.K., Spain, France, Australia, etc.
  • 2009
    Seventh self-owned store opened in the Netherlands.


  • 2008
    Established local North and Latin American sales teams.
  • 2008
    First time participating in the Las Vegas Market, released a new transitional collection for the US market.
  • 2008
    First self-owned store opened in the Netherlands.


  • 2007
    Jason Gu is appointed chairman of the China National Furniture Association –Upholstered Furniture Division.
  • 2007
    KUKA flagship store opens in downtown Hangzhou. Another massive plant is opened nearby; dining chair and ottoman production are transferred to the new plant.


  • 2005
    Production moves to a huge compound 30 minutes away from downtown Hangzhou.
  • 2005
    The company pursues a two-track strategy of domestic branded stores and global export.
  • 2005
    KUKA begins exporting following its first-time participation in the Cologne Furniture Fair.


  • 2000
    Sales prospecting efforts focused on franchising stores is instigate through participation in Chinese furniture trade fairs.
  • 2000
    Company-owned stores are opened in Hangzhou.


  • 1996
    Gu Yuhua, son of a woodworker, establishes Hai Long Furniture Co., Ltd.


  • 1993
    15 stores opened in China.


  • 1982
    Gu Yuhua establishes Jiangsu Nantong Xi hua Sofa Factory.


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