KUKAHOME, a brand for homes with a global reputation.

Since the foundation, KUKAHOME has been engaged in the research, development, production, and marketing on furniture of living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, supplying healthy, comfortable and environment-friendly product for families of the world. Now, KUKAHOME has sold its products in more than 120 countries and regions, and possesses over 3500 brand stores in China, providing high-quality products and service for families of the world. In October 2016, KUKAHOME was listed successfully on Shanghai A-share Stock Exchange, and the stock code is 603816.

KUKAHOME understands the living culture of the living room, dining room, and bedroom, it melts culture elements into products design and research and creates homes products in globalized, fashionable, young, and leisure styles. The company imports the advanced international production equipment and technology possesses complete artificial process standards and gathers a batch of technicians with fine hand-making skills. Besides the native Chinese designers who are famous in the world, KUKAHOME’s international homes research and development center also possesses world-famous foreign designers from Italy, Germany, France and Japan etc., there are over a hundred new styles are launched the market every year.

KUKAHOME has always inherited to the business spirit of “Keep improving and going beyond”, presents the living style with arts and defines the trend with the design. It wins the recognition of consumers and high acknowledgment of the industry. Looking ahead, KUKAHOME will forward to the goal of becoming a passionate and respectful world-class upholstered furniture operator. Where happiness lies, where happy life comes!

Our Culture

Where happiness lies, where happy life comes!
We are a manufacturer of furniture, but we are more the creator of good living style;
Pursuing happiness for consumers drives us forward!

Build A World-class Operator of Upholstered Furniture.

Globally operate by looking at the world environment but basing on China market: Our leading team shall provide a global viewing. Our resources on the industrial value chain are distributed and integrated globally, our strategy and management capability is expanded to each link of the value chain.

Concentrate, only on upholstered furniture, or saying relatively diversify with upholstered furniture as the core: We devote our mind to focus on the research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and service, do our effort to build up high-quality life for consumers, to the deepest and details in the furniture industry.

Lead the industry: We will be a benchmarker that takes the top in market share and manages business excellently, and also we try hard to be the pilot of product technology innovation and the practitioner.

Be an operator not just a manufacturer: Keep going focusing on upholstered furniture trade, expand with the related organization's diversities, and take the professional business development as the core, integrate the value chain to capitalize and improve the efficiency, drive the branding effect and products combination, and take the business form of three-in-one of "plus", "minus" and "change" to construct the leading brand position of upholstered furniture.

Our Value

Opening, Enterprising, Truth-Seeking, and Practicing

Open thinking: Accept new things and ideas;
Open mind: Hold various talents;
Open vision: Go out, find the benchmarker and learn from them.

Positive mental attitude: Positive, sunny, and active;
Wolf pursuit: No discount in business, make sure achieve the goal and surpass competitors;
Beyond the limits: Never satisfied, keep going, no end to progress!

Follow facts: Keep sincerity, and speak only the truth;
Explore the nature: Common sense management, and insight the human nature;
Learn the rules: summarize the rules, use experts well, find the leverage point, and get twice result with half effort.

Pursuit efficiency: Be far-sighted, and take result-oriented——begin with the end in mind;
Go-getting: Not to seek bubble reputation, and act better than speak——work hard;
Focus on the process: Start small, and make an adjustment ——walk the right road.


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