KUKAHOME is a leading brand in China home furnishing industry, which owns a global reputation as a furniture giant. KUKAHOME listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully, stock code 603816.

KUKAHOME has gone through three classic generations since its foundation, KUKAHOME researches, develops, produces and sales home appliances of the living room and bedroom for the purpose to provide a healthy, comfortable and environmental environment globally. At present, products from KUKAHOME have been sold to 120 countries and regions. KUKAHOME owns more than 4500 brand stores which can provide high-quality products and services to millions of families around the world.

In China, KUKAHOME owns five production bases of Xiasha, Jiangdong, Jiaxing in Zhejiang province, Hebei province and Hubei province with annual sofa production of millions of pieces, Among which, Xiasha plant occupies an area of 130,000 ㎡ with monthly production of 3000 containers, which is the biggest sofa production base in Asia.

KUKAHOME cooperates with more than ten design teams from Italy, America, Germany, British and France, there are more of 100 furniture designers, color experts, interior product designers, interior decoration designers and engineers from the teams. It also keeps a cooperation relationship with famous institutions and organizations like the China Academy of Art and Polytechnic University of Milan etc.

Perspective vision and original design make KUKAHOME owns many first prizes in exhibitions from home and abroad, it acquires more than 100 design awards and 1000 original patents, which becomes the permanent treasure in the heart of KUKAHOME people.

We believe that home is the harbor of life, we will serve each family attentively and light your life with our excellent quality.
* 4500+ Home Brand Store 
* 120 Countries and Regions 
* 603816 Stock code 
  • 4500+ Home Brand Store
  • 120 Countries and Regions
  • 603816 Stock code
KUKAHOME Founder / Gu Yuhua

KUKAHOME's main business model is OEM/ODM, starting from 2007, KUKAHOME is promoting the branding stores/ franchising stores/galleries/shop in shops overseas. To date, our OEM/ODM business is penetrated in 120 countries with 1200 clients. As our branding strategy, 7 KUKAHOME-branded stores in Hong Kong and 74 franchising stores (shop in the shop) were open all over the world.

Besides, we have 15 localized offices worldwide, providing our global customers with an entirely localized service solution, including global logistics and customer service.


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